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LINX Restaurant: A Culinary Journey in New Delhi

Crafted Heritage, Diverse Flavors: Nestled within Caspia Hotel, LINX Restaurant offers a rich culinary expedition blending tradition and innovation. For 12 years, LINX has been a destination for diverse multi-cuisine delicacies.

Celebrating Diversity Through Festivals: LINX hosts specialty food festivals, celebrating diverse cultures and flavors. These limited-time events invite patrons on gastronomic adventures that transcend borders.

Community Embrace: Beyond its legacy, LINX aims to embrace the local community, inviting neighbors to savor exquisite cuisine and warm hospitality.

Rooted in Tradition, Celebrating Fusion: Experience authentic Indian delights like tantalizing tandoori snacks and creamy Dal Makhni, alongside global favorites such as Lal Maas, Pizzas, and Noodles. Tradition meets innovation in dishes like Chilly Paneer, a fusion of East and West.

The LINX Experience: More than a restaurant, LINX is a culinary haven where tables are canvases painted with flavors and shared moments. With more than 100 dishes to choose from, each bite is a melody of satisfaction.


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87 Lounge

87 Lounge: Where Coffee Meets Creativity

  • Unwind in Style: At ’87 Lounge, indulge in the art of freshly ground roasted coffee beans and a medley of international mocktails and teas. Our space is designed for the modern soul seeking a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere.

  • Sip, Snack, Socialize: Join us for a diverse range of freshly brewed coffee options and curated mocktails paired with delectable snacks. Whether catching up with friends or finding your creative corner, ’87 Lounge is where conversations spark.

  • Elevated Experience: Embrace a welcoming ambiance curated for the young and the young-at-heart. With a focus on quality and creativity, ’87 Lounge is your destination for moments that blend relaxation with inspiration.

  • Experience the Fusion: Explore our selection of aromatic coffees, international mocktails, and teas. ’87 Lounge caters to the discerning taste buds of a vibrant crowd seeking unique blends and enticing flavors.

  • A Haven for Creatives: Designed to attract the young and the creatively inclined, ’87 Lounge invites you to relax, recharge, and let your imagination soar over a cup of handcrafted brews and refreshing mocktails.

In Room Dining

Anytime Gastronomy at Caspia Hotel New Delhi

  • Culinary Convenience, 24/7: Indulge in an array of delights with our round-the-clock In Room Dining service at Caspia Hotel New Delhi. From Breakfast to Lunch, Dinner, and even midnight Snacks, our menu caters to your cravings at any hour.

  • Tailored to Your Tastes: Enjoy the luxury of personalized dining experiences in the comfort of your room. Our diverse menu is crafted to suit your preferences, ensuring each meal is a delightfully curated experience.

  • Your Schedule, Our Service: Embrace the freedom to dine according to your schedule. Caspia Hotel’s In Room Dining brings an exquisite culinary journey to your doorstep, offering delectable choices whenever you desire.

  • Prompt and Personalized: Experience seamless service with our dedicated In Room Dining. At Caspia Hotel New Delhi, we prioritize your satisfaction and ensure prompt delivery of flavorful meals, no matter the time.

  • Exceptional Hospitality, All Hours: Discover unmatched convenience and hospitality with our 24-hour In Room Dining service. Enjoy a culinary adventure tailored to your taste, any time, day or night, because at Caspia Hotel New Delhi, your comfort comes first.